Goats Head Soup

Goats Head Soup

Release ID: 1692848


Very Good Plus (VG+)

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Artiest The Rolling Stones
Titel Goats Head Soup
Format LP,Vinyl
Label Rolling Stones Records
Collection Media Conditie Very Good Plus (VG+)
Collection sleeve conditie Good (G) Written on sleeve
Released 1973
Genre Rock
Release ID 1692848
Plaats in winkel ROCK
Cat no. COC 59 101
Stijl Classic Rock
Notes 85


Position Title Artist Duration Type
A2 100 Years Ago 4:00 track
A5 Angie 4:31 track
B4 Can You Hear The Music 5:32 track
A3 Coming Down Again 5:55 track
A1 Dancing With Mr. D. 4:52 track
A4 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 3:27 track
B2 Hide Your Love 4:10 track
B1 Silver Train 4:25 track
B5 Star Star 4:25 track
B3 Winter 5:30 track

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